Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Numb and Dumb

There is nothing like having a baby imminently on the way to prompt vast and elaborate ideas for the future that you know you will not have time to do. My brain is so infuriating this way. Where were you when I had luxurious hours of time, my wily little synapses? Where were all your big plans then?

Sure, suddenly the book ideas, the online courses, the workshops and plans are popping into bloom like gorgeous summer fruit and there is nothing I can do except write them down and look at them wistfully and think "someday, oh yes, someday."

That sounds as though I blame my baby for the time his rearing will soon take, but I don't. I blame my devious mind that goes numb and dumb when I need it most and then becomes productive when it's least effective. Uncool!

I guess I should be grateful I still have ideas.


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