Saturday, March 15, 2008

Write Free's March newsletter: Envisioning, featuring Mary Akers.

If you need any more enticement to subscribe to the FREE Write Free e-newsletter, let me give you a preview of the upcoming March issue. The topic is "envisioning" and the Creative Interview subject is Mary Akers, writer and co-author of the new book Radical Gratitude (with Andrew Bienkowski). If you miss this month, you won't be able to view it again until 2008's archives are posted next year!

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"Success is an infinitely receding horizon—if we let it be. Most people, artists included, once they achieve a coveted award or recognition, instantly put their focus on the next, the bigger, “better” award or recognition. So it’s no wonder we often remain dissatisfied with what we achieve. My new goal is to be happy now, to embrace now and when I learn to do that, I will consider myself to be successful..."

--Mary Akers


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