Thursday, March 13, 2008

Full Circle

Sorry for the silence. Been down with food poisoning--a cruel trial for a pregnant woman, let me tell you.

But something miraculous has also happened (other than, you know, the miracle of life)--I've returned to writing fiction this week. Only three 700 word stints so far, but after months of feeling about fiction like I do about eggplant (read: repulsed), I am back at it. I'm working on a project I started one day long ago before the fusion of my husband's and my genes made it impossible for me to think I guess that would be summer. And since it's been so summer-like here (today's overcast sky excepted), it feels right, like coming full circle.

I'm also coming at it from the point of view that it just feels good to do it, that it's fun, and though of course I hope to do something with this manuscript as I do with all of them, right now, writing feels like hope and summer and long days lounging in the park. Being creative just feels good.

* * *

On the topic of creativity, a reminder to you fine people that
Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life which I co-wrote with Rebecca Lawton is published and making its tender little way to bookstores. The more I look at our labor of love, the more I like it and wish it well. I know that sounds strange for an author to say--of course you do Jordan, you sort of have an interest in the thing--but really, I almost feel like the book just came through us for others to read. I can think of nothing that brings more instant joy and transformation to a person's life than creativity--and from creativity springs myriad other possibilities. I can't tell you the number of people I know who started a little hobby, from writing short stories, to making inspirational paper cut-outs, and eventually turned this creative lark into a business or a livelihood, or the best way to spend their free time. Creativity is life, man. It's my new religion (my old one being...? I'm not sure).

For the time being
Kulupi/BeijaFlor Books, our savvy, independent publisher out of Glen Ellen, CA has opted not to use to sell it through, since they tend to bilk the publisher on cash. So if the book is not yet in your favorite bookstore: A, ask them to order it through Partners West distributors, or B, go directly to either the Write Free Website or to our publisher, Kulupi Publishing. It's almost pocket-sized, with an insanely lovely cover due to the talent of the image's painter, Irene Ehret, and will help you to change the way you think about your creative dreams, and help you fulfill them.

If you haven't yet subscribed to the
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