Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Two interesting Virgo horoscopes of the day:

1. "Stay aware of your own anger, especially as you communicate with others at work. You might be feeling blocked at a very deep level and yet you have the potential to work through these blockages now. Your fantasies offer you an easy escape, but keep in mind that they won't help solve any of your current issues."

2. "If you feel like acting a bit more outgoing than you normally do, go for it! You have a good enough head on your shoulders to know what is and what isn't appropriate, so have fun. Holding back from saying what you really feel might seem like the polite thing to do, but in reality it's somewhat dishonest. You have the ability to put things in a very tactful way, so say what you mean. You have every right to your feelings, and you have every right to express them."


At 1:48 PM, Blogger tricia stirling said...

uhh, did that work? okay, try again.

hi jordan--do you remember me? we went to college together and then found each other again on zoetrope, exchanged manuscripts, and then, sadly, lost touch.
well, i just started a blog, and what a crazy cool world THAT is, but the only blogs i knew about were art blogs and i am, of course, a writer at heart and i've been thinking, man, how do i find a respectable writer's blog. and then this morning i was looking for the staples (cause the ones in my stapler ran out) and i found your card and thought, hmmm, i bet she has a blog, and then i googled you and YAY, here you are!! sorry for the long explanation but i'm quite excited to begin pouring through your writerly blog and get inspired. cheers!!!
(i was tricia ireland back when you knew me.)


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