Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yesterday I was exhausted. Today I'm in overdrive. What gives?

I decided after I ran out of steam yesterday that I had to just let go, go easy on myself or else I'd get sick or depressed and all my deadlines would get sabotaged. And doing that was the wisest thing I could have done and strangely, by relaxing, it all worked out. As of yesterday my pressing article still needed one more person's quotes to flesh it out and I was feeling a bit panicked, actually. So I stopped. Walked away, thought about who I could get to respond and emailed someone I thought of at the last minute. He sent back what turned out to be the perfect answers that rounded out the article just as I had hoped. I firmly believe it was the getting up and walking away that allowed this to happen.

Today I got up early today, before 6 a.m., because I really intended to get the article done and polished and turned in. I acheived that goal by 9 a.m. to my surprise.

Then I had a lovely conversation with my friend Emily in NY, who has had recent successes for the NYTimes and will be flying out to CA for an article in the Chronicle. How cool is she?

Then I made some starts at articles that are due in the near future and exchanged some emails about two writing conferences that Becca Lawton and I have been invited to present at, both in Mendocino county, CA. This feels really good.

But of course, before I could truly relish in the delightful effervescence of a deadline completed, I had an edit session with my producer of the CA Report at KQED. My review needs some radio-friendly work. It's hard to make the transition from print to radio. It's almost a 360 in terms of style. Words and sentences are better off shorter, less grandiose. I have to move from eloquent to conversational, make sure I've really let the reader into a slice of the book. It's harder than it sounds for something that will be on the air for 3 minutes or less. My producer is eternally patient with me. I've got a draft or two left to go, before tomorrow!

And speaking of tomorrow I head back up to SF for my second interview for the article on writers in their writing spaces, and then record at KQED. I dread the drive, but please send me good non-trafficky thoughts.

I'm just glad my mood improved from yesterday or I don't know how I would have gotten all this done.




At 10:15 PM, Blogger Neil said...

Good luck. It sounds like you are on the move! (in a positive way)

At 11:08 PM, Blogger Laini Taylor said...

Dang, how much stuff are you doing, Jordan? Yeesh!! Radio on top of several books, various articles, writing conferences, your newsletter, and Lord knows how much else. Um. . . wow? Good luck with all of it! wish I could hear the radio piece.

At 7:16 AM, Blogger L.C.McCabe said...

You happened to hit on a phrase that grinds my teeth. You mentioned 360 degrees and you used it in a manner that is a common error. You meant 180 degrees.

If you went 360 degrees from where you started, you'd have travelled the entire circumference of the circle and started exactly where you started. It's the doing "a doughnut" when you are driving on snow and ice as opposed to ending up with your front end where your back end used to be.

I thought I'd point that out just so you'd be aware of it in the future and try not to make the same common geometrical faux pas that many others make.

Here's hoping you have a great productive day!


At 7:28 AM, Blogger Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Neil: Thanks
Laini: It always LOOKS like more than it is :) It's just this week.

Linda: Ah, a teeth grinder! I sit corrected. 180 degrees corrected :)


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