Friday, January 19, 2007

For some reason before I fell asleep last night this conversation I had with my grandfather (Opa) popped into my head and since it is so indicative of our relationship now that he refuses to put in his hearing aids, and also regarding his ability to handle any emotional content, that i thought I'd transcribe what i remember of it:

Me: Hello?

Opa: Jordie? Hello? Jordie can you hear me?

Me: Hi Opa. How are you doing?

Opa: What?

Me: I asked how you are doing.

Opa: Fine. Fine. How are you doing?

Me: Oh, sad. Grieving.

Opa: What?

Me: I said we're sad.

Opa: You're what?

Me (loud, exasperated): Fine. I'm fine!

Opa: Oh. I wanted to tell you that when I called last I did not understand that you were saying your cat had died. How are you feeling ?

Me (loud): Oh yes.

Opa: What?

Me: I just said yes, our cat died.

Opa: And are you over it?

Me: No, not yet.

Opa: What?


Opa: Oh. Well, what time are you coming on Saturday...



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