Monday, April 21, 2008

Princess Cake

I never before understood the appeal of these domed mountains of cake covered in typically pink icing so fluorescent it looked sure to give cancer. I didn't like the connotations of "princess," either--like you must have been Daddy's favorite little spoiled brat to even be worthy of such a cake.

And dear friend Christine had one made for my baby shower, in a slightly less offensive shade of blue:

WHY did I not know that there was thick rich custard and whipped cream inside a perfectly moist almond cake heightened by raspberry filling? Or more importantly, wasn't I safer when I held my prejudice against them?

The phrase "too much of a good thing" rings loudly now in the aftermath of my cake hangover.



At 7:45 PM, Blogger Patry Francis said...

Baby shower??? Whee hoo!! (I actually yelled that out LOUD and woke Ted up, but hey, sometimes you've got to shout.) I wish you could see the smile on my face right now. xxx

At 8:35 AM, Blogger Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Hi Patry. Yes, it's true--I'm going to be somebody's mama! And it's getting more imminent every day :) Thank you for shouting and smiling on my good news ;)


At 4:00 PM, Anonymous starbird said...

Hi Jordan -- Sorry I had to to miss your shower and I am so glad you have been liberated from your prejudice against my favorite cake! You must be getting awfully big by now! I wish you an easy last few weeks, an easy birth, a great welcome to Ben, and I look forward to hearing about what this next phase of life brings! -- S

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Thanks Starbird. We missed you, but there will be much more fun to come.


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