Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The problem with being sick for five days is that now that I feel well enough to post, I have nothing to say! I'm glad to be upright, and showered, and free of the chills and fever. I still have the cough, but that feels like paradise in comparison.

Now I'm just working on buoying up my spirits. Last night's episode of American Idol didn't really help. I hate the catty stage where the groups fight, and a spirit of meanness prevails. Hollywood week is the perfect example of how few people really want to see anyone else succeed. Best friends tear into each other; nice kids launch angry salvos, and people's true colors fly as loud as ever.

It's more than possible to have success without hurting/criticizing or even being envious of others. But it takes more time to build that way and we're a culture of quick fixes. The faster the fame, the better... or so people think. Usually, when it hits you as fast as it does on Idol, it also burns away fast.

I think my brain is still fever-boiled. I don't feel like I'm making much sense.

More as I improve.



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