Monday, August 28, 2006

Cleared some major deadlines off my plate and boy do I feel good! There's this period of time I am now learning to savor when--aside from the book and other long-term projects--I finish freelance articles and I feel almost giddy with the lack of pressure of looming deadlines. Of course if the freedom were to last too long I'd be a basket case. But today I'm going to relish in the tiniest of pauses, the bliss of not feeling stressed beyond my capacities. I actually organized my desk today!

Yesterday I went to the SF Zoo. I was afraid it would be depressing, but with the exception of the Arctic creatures--polar bears and penguins--I found it fairly uplifting. It helped to have a four year-old's eyes (my niece through marriage) around to see the event through. Still, a part of me couldn't help but look at those giraffes and apes surrounded by the pervasive San Francisco fog-microclimate and think, 'this just 'aint right. But the zoo has done a nice job of making their newer habitats pretty cool and large. Maybe my brother- and sister-in-law will send me photos (HINT) and I can post some here. The remaining old exhibits, on the other hand, look as charming as those designed for the "freaks" in a circus. Not fun.

Anyways, I'm told by the National Department of Birthdays and Unbirthdays that I can begin celebrating my birthday week today, since Wednesday is the official day. Suggestions? :)

And all this was my way of saying that I just don't have much to say.



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