Thursday, August 10, 2006

I have a very low-grade head cold that is just exhausting enough to make me feel as though I'm working with a veil over my head. So today's post is all miscellanious.

First things first. Since when did Nicholas Cage go from being fantastic as Sailor and H.I. McDonough to being the guy that names his son Kal-El and stars in a bunch of drippy, bizarre movies?

This Saturday I will be attending my 14 year high-school reunion. This is essentially our ten year, four years postponed. We just couldn't get it together sooner than this--blame all the pot we smoked back then. While there will most definitely be friends of mine there that I am eager to see (Jen Moore, Liz Holmlund, Kelly Moore) without naming names I must say--ahem, Dan Goldstein, Mike Norton, Lucy Kaplan--that I'm quite disappointed not to see a few other names on the list. Don't you recall the good old times we had together making fools of ourselves in Drama? Carousing late at night out at San Domenico, making fun of the REAL hippies at the "freestyle dance night" downtown Fairfax while pretending we were enjoying ourselves?

And what about Seamus Ruane? Good ole' Seamus. We were thrust together in all situations by last name proximity for three years. How many lines did we stand in together, Seamus? And remember when we ended up on the Jolly Roger opinion page together? How many disagreements did we have over what constituted "news" and what "gossip." Though our fates took us far apart in life, it sure seemed like we were destined to head a small company or a venture capital operation for awhile.

And what about Alex Schafran, my undercover partner in crime on the Jolly Roger? We pretended to be a pregnant teenage couple (probably the most mortifying event of my life) and visited both "Birthright" and "Planned Parenthood" and wrote an expose. That was some bold reporting!

I must say that upon looking through my Sophomore yearbook there is one unrefutable truth. What a bunch of dorks! I'm sure we've all come a long way since then.

I am one of the very few who have rsvp'd who does not have a child, and that trips me out. I mean, I remember these people when they were trying to manage acne and Economics, not diaper bags and babysitting. It's blowing my mind.

I am trying to upload some crappy photos of my sophomore yearbook picture that I had to photograph with my digital camera, but it's not working at present. I'll try later.



At 1:03 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

That is some bold reporting RE Birthright! Boy, that's pretty balsy to visit. I could have never done that.

At 7:32 AM, Blogger Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Steph, it truly was balsy. Not only for two adolescents who were not attracted to each other to pretend we'd had sex and gotten knocked up, but to sit in the face of that creepy Birthright lady and say what we'd done and that we weren't sure we wanted to get rid of it. YIKES.

We had to watch an awful video on the horrors of abortion; dead babies included.



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