Friday, August 04, 2006

An Update

For those of you not on my email list, here's a quick update of writing related events I'd love to have your participation in in one form or another:

1. Listen to my review on The California Report. TODAY. Friday 8/4 at 4:30 and 6:30 pm. KQED Radio. 88.5 FM. If you happen to be commuting today or telecommuting, you can hear my review of Blithe Tomato a delightful book by Mike Madison (published by a California press, HeyDay Books) The tab at their website called Radio Tune-in tells you what time and what station to tune in. For most of us in the north and south bay, it's 88.5.

2. Creating Space, the Online Class. September 8-29.
Rebecca Lawton and I are teaching the first session of many based on the material of our book. Visit the Creating Space blog for details on how to sign up for the first session in September.

3. Creating Space, the book, Preview at the Sonoma County Book Festival. September 16. Rebecca Lawton & I will be at the Kulupi Books booth to promote our forthcoming book, Creating Space: The Law of Attraction for Writers & Other Inspired Souls. We hope to see you there and give you a preview of our book, which will be published by WaveGirl Ink in 2007.

4. Creativity Panel at the Sonoma County Book Festival. September 16, 10:00 a.m.
I will be joining Eliot Fintushel and Susan Bono on a panel about creativity. Join us!

5. Writer's Forum. "Write What You Know." September 21st, 2006. 7-9 pm.
I'm teaching a class on how to turn the raw material of real life into the stuff of fiction in Petaluma.

That's 7-9 pm at the Petaluma Community Center, 320 No. McDowell Blvd. $10/class. Drop-ins okay.

Class description: "Eager to pull from the rich material of real life, writers often tell their stories just like they happened, with no dramatic structure. In order to transform fact into fiction, writers must be willing to leave behind the truth and leap into the imagination. This requires a little careful manipulation and a lot of craft. We will walk through easy steps to achieve this end."

More soon.


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