Monday, August 14, 2006

I promise sometime this week to blog about my high school reunion (14 year). It was fun, weird and...well mostly weird. Thank god for the passage of time, though, I tell ya!

Meanwhile, I will be guest-blogging related to the topic of my book Creating Space: The Law of Attraction & Other Inspired Souls (written with Rebecca Lawton) over at Anne Mini's blog. I will be blogging on and off for the next two weeks there, so if you're keen to get a peek into our material before the online class or the book comes out, join me there. Anne is the author of the forthcoming memoir, A Family Darkly: Love, Loss and the Final Passions of Philip K. Dick., and someone who made my four hour layover in a Montana airport many years back memorable--along with true crime-writer Anne Rule.

Also, I'm having an honest-to-goodness real website built, which should be up by September 15th. The blog will be linked, of course, but it will showcase my professional work more, well, professionally.

See y'all soon


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