Sunday, November 28, 2004

Yes, I still exist. I still write. I still believe writing is a worthy and noble profession-cum-spiritual path, perhaps more than ever. I just have been too bogged down with work and life, and perhaps a little sick of myself, to bother writing to you.

I will shake off this funk, don't you worry. It's just that the reality of holding a job, launching a freelance career, doing a radio show, having a marriage (it's good, don't worry!), writing for Bennington, visiting the aging grandparents, doing therapy twice weekly with the parents and whatever is left over for exercise and social life have kind of run me into the ground. Not in a "I give up" kind of way, but more in a kind of "I need a total break from contact with the world" kind of way.

At any rate, I'm pulling myself together and submitting my books to small publishers, toying with a new novel and allowing my small fiction publications to carry me on. Look for my work in the December issue of Flashquake.

I will return. Visit again, ok?



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