Sunday, October 10, 2004

The fabulous Katie Stohlmann has fixed my html problems...because she is a whiz kid. She's not really a "kid" but I pull rank because I am older. Now that I am thirty I feel like I need to exercise some sort of agist attitude, the kind that has been pulled on me for so long. Nothing like someone two years older than you saying, "oh you're such a baby!" For fuck's sake!

Things are gearing up in the New Plan to Write Full Time. I am positively itchy, like having senioritist again, with the desire to get to it and leave the job behind me. I will miss the job, yes. I will miss the people. But not the constant feeling that I'm not doing enough, that there is always something slipping through the cracks, and that I am ultimately, a failure.

I haven't reported on the status of being agented in some time because there has been nothing new, except a thousand versions of what I will do next, to share with you. From his end, there is nothing but static. I think he's probably similarly trying to figure out how to shed me from his client list. And I owe the *#@%^ for copies too, damn it.

Nonetheless, I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month in November, at least, trying to. I must write that new novel. It's been harranguing me for a long time anyway.

I am not the good blogger. I apologize.


P.S. Do check out AlterNet ( this coming Tuesday for an article of mine on The Freeway Blogger ( and join in "National Freeway Free Speech Day: Driving America to Think" on October 13th. Put up a sign in quiet protest about your feelings on the state of politics, various and assorted tyrannies on other countries who shall remain nameless, and the general blanket of darkness that has fallen in this country since 2000. Please?


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