Sunday, October 03, 2004

October Update from Write Livelihood—
"Living Through Language"

Jordan E. Rosenfeld: Writer, Teacher & Editor for hire * * 707-235-0705

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October 6th at 7 pm: Jordan speaks to the founder of National Novel Writing Month, Chris Baty—now the author of "No Plot, No Problem!" (Chronicle Books), plus Ben Marcus, the editor of "The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories." You'll also receive the extra treat of "Searchlights & Signal Flares"—helping writers find their way in the dark—a feature in collaboration with Susan Bono and her journal of personal essay, Tiny Lights (

October 20th at 7 pm: Jordan speaks to author Annabel Davis-Goff, a native from County Waterford, Ireland and author of "The Dower House", "This Cold Country" and most recently, "The Fox's Walk." She is contributor to a book of essays about the author William Maxwell with whom she was good friends and she teaches at Bennington College.

Associate producer Tania Ketenjian will speak with Roya Hakakian, who has collaborated on over a dozen hours of programming for some of the most prestigious journalism units on network television including 60 Minutes Sunday and 60 Minutes II as well as on A& E's "Travels With Harry" hour. Her new novel is "Journey From the Land of No." Plus, the gilded word-workings of "Wordplay" a collaboration with Susan Starbird ( in which the play of language is emphasized.


Saturday, November 6th, 2004, 11-2: "The Art of the Query."
The business of writing is always the least fun but the serious writer must eventually move from isolated creativity into the public eye. A query letter is your first contact with agents, editors and publishers. Even more, learning to write queries is a process that can teach you how to get to the heart of your work. Just like a blind date, those first words make or break your chance of successful contact, getting a writing job, agent or publishing opportunity. This class can be useful to you if you're ready to make the leap to:

§ Find a literary agent
§ Solicit a publisher with a book proposal
§ Query a magazine about a freelance article

We'll focus most on how to write airtight queries, but the class will include tips for the non-fiction proposal and query “pitches” for freelance work. There will be in-class writing. $45.
Call 829-4797 to sign-up, or 235-0705 for details. Make Checks payable to Sebastopol Center for the Arts: 6780 Depot Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472 or email:

Writing Group Forming in January. Interested? Questions? Email me:

Short Fiction and articles by Jordan will appear at the following places in October:

Edifice Wrecked- October 1 (

Literary Mama—October 15 ( )

Smokelong Quarterly-October 15 ( )

Petaluma Magazine—October 20 Around Petaluma—"Movies in Petaluma" feature.

** Storyhouse: More than a can of beans! To order any of Storyhouse's fabulous coffees, with Jordan's short story "Shopping" on the label, follow these instructions. This is time sensitive. Your orders must be purchased before October 13th!

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4. Now here are the IMPORTANT parts: A small pop-up window should appear with various options.

a) Make sure you pick the RIGHT LABEL/Storyline: LEARNED BEANS

b) Pick the shipment START DATE: October 13th

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