Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Oh god, is it ever Fall. In the East Coast they have the delicious turning of foliage to announce the seasonal shift. Here a thick curtain of gray drops between the sun and us. It's hard to keep the spirits lifted.

I have posted almost nothing about my agent process in the last couple weeks. Partly because nothing is the amount of news I've received and decisions I've made in regard to the process. I feel a little bit stymied. The market trends continue to show that non-fiction sells really well, that in fact, agents and editors are "desperate" for non-fiction in a sea of fiction that overwhelms them with its unsaleability. So I keep dancing on the edge of really going for it with a non-fiction book proposal and then backing away. But maybe this is my answer, my way in. I've got an idea that keeps coming to me over and over and I keep brushing it away in favor of other ideas that seem darker or easier to write about. But I wonder if I should just go for this. I can't give away my idea, of course, but trust me--it's a good one.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to distill information out of the world around me to write interesting freelance articles. I find that while an idea might fascinate me, it bores editors to what do you do but spend more time researching random and assorted tidbits of information? And apply for myriad writing grants and other forms of public assistance...

Why do I make you suffer by coming here? Stay tuned for an October update on Friday!



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