Monday, July 16, 2007

Saturday BookSmart had its first author event since the store has been remodeled (Patry Francis who came in March was fabulous, but we had to cram her into a tiny space, unfortunately and didn't dare advertise for too many people). I was more than just a little bit pleased to have a crowded house--meaning approximately 30 people--for our guest author, Ayelet Waldman at BookSmart (Daughter's Keeper, Love & Other Impossible Pursuits, and 7 books in the "Mommy-Track" mystery series). She's a big enough name in her own right--and a great deal of people have read her--but that doesn't guarantee bodies in seats.

Getting people to take time out from their summer schedules on a Saturday afternoon takes a Herculean effort of advertising (and booze and food). Also, just because you have a crowd gathered doesn't mean there will be a great show. Some authors are rough around the edges--better at solitude than public speaking. Ayelet does not fall into the latter description. She's a tried and true performer--meaning, she can talk as well as she writes. No bored shifting in her chair (in fact, she sat up on the table), no "um" begging the audience for questions (all things I've seen at less successful events) to fill the time.

I'll let the photos share the event:


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