Monday, March 12, 2007

Your Turn

We writers seem to need a lot of support to keep going. Rebecca Lawton (author of Reading Water, Capitol Books) and I first turned to each other for writerly support over three years ago and the partnership has played a far greater role in our creative success than we ever dreamed. Buoyed as we were by this, we began to extend more of this support to other writers through the work we call Write Free. We led weekend retreats, day-long workshops and co-authored a book that is forthcoming in Summer from Kulupi Press's new "Wavegirl Books" imprint. And in January we launched the inaugural Write Free E-Letter.

Even if you don't choose to subscribe to the newsletter, we solicit submissions for a section within it called Your Turn each month. A guest editor selects their favorite essay and makes comments on a small round of finalists. Finalists are given a complimentary issue of the newsletter, and the selected essay is printed in the newsletter.

Here are the guidelines for the April Issue. Deadline is this week: March 15th, so hurry!

Deadline: March 15

In Your Turn last month, we asked for your 300-word contributions written on the theme of Revision. Thanks to all who’ve submitted pieces! There is still time for those wishing to submit to write a piece of 300 words or less and email their submissions to us at by midnight March 15. If you have trouble with the email server you may email me directly at: jordansmuse (at) gmail (dot) com.

We offered the following writing prompts, which you may use if you like.
The time I decided to do ________ instead of ________ . . .
Because I changed my mind back in [insert year], I . . .

Or you can answer these questions:
Did changing my mind [when I ________] hurt anyone?
Did changing my mind benefit me?

For the May Newsletter, deadline April 15th, the theme is Prosperity.


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