Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday Miscellany

If some of you are wondering why I haven't commented on your blogs in is because I am a very simple creature with short-term memory problems. Well that, and for no reason I can figure out, bloglines has simply purged some subscription to some of my favorite blogs from my feeds link. I've been adding them back in slowly as it occurs to me that it's been sometime since I've visited. Please don't take this personally!


I am very happy with the Spring-like weather. The plum blossoms are blooming all over town. Last night it felt like a summer night--balmy and smelling of flowers. I am very happy about daylight savings coming early (this Sunday, folks!), though I'm afraid we didn't get enough rain.

Just call me one day-on/one-day off girl. Yesterday I had a fantastic work I have the attention span of a male rat in a cage full of girl rats. (See...I can't even work an analogy!)

I am a big fan of Ricki Lee Jones' music up until about 1990. The latest album of hers I've got, she sounds like a drunk homeless person. (Oh please don't get on my case about being unkind to the homeless).

Sorry folks. I got nothing.


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