Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Miscellany

Silly me, thinking any of you have time to read long posts during the holidaze. I should stick to photo essays, but I'm too lazy to take new photos or borrow from others. Suffice it to say that it at 11:00 I was still in my pajamas. Yeah baby! Not that I'm lazing about, oh no! I'm working, but there's a strange stigma you feel when you are still in pajamas beyond the time when other people are. Alas, I'll deal with it.

Today I wish my name were Jordana. That extra 'a' at the end is so sophisticated, so exotique, so European, don't you agree? The name Jordana says "I've lived in Monaca and walked white sand beaches. I've drunk champagne from gold fluted crystal and kept company with bankers, royals and celebrities.' It says, 'I am mysterious, commanding and succeed at everything I do.'

Jordan, on the other hand, while a very sturdy, good name, says, 'Am I male or female? It says, 'You make me think of tall basketball players and small, Jewish boys.'

Well, at least I'm not "Jordie" anymore (except to those numbskulls who insist on continuing to call me that. You know who you are :)

Other than questioning the very essence of my name today, I have little to report. It's freaking cold; I survived the post office thanks to my amusement at a socially awkward, red-faced young man from Canada entertaining the entire post office with tales of the various family members he was sending presents to ("My cousin's wedding was very unusual..."). Actually, he held the lady in front of him hostage and I giggled because I was at the front of the line and didn't have to twist my neck around and pay attention to him.

And despite all my grumbliness, I'm looking forward to Christmas if for no other reason than to see the look on my beloved's face. He's awful cute on Christmas.



At 6:52 PM, Blogger Patrushka said...

I like that pictures with your tree! And it's funny. That "a" makes it sound so common to me!
Everything is in the point of view!



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