Sunday, June 18, 2006

If you are wondering where I am, haven't heard from me, or had a psychic flash of me wandering amongst tall buildings, the answer is: New York. Oh, no, not for the weather, I assure you, though I can tolerate being smothered in a wool-blanket of atmosphere for a week. I truly deserve one of those t-shirts with the "I heart New York" slogan on it, because I truly do. I spent every summer of my childhood there, and many more visits as an adult. I love the thrum and bustle of activity, that something is always going on, no matter the time of day. I love that it is a cultural center, a place where celebrities and immigrant workers toil together. I love its stimulation and the smell and the palpable buzz of the city. The sound of the subway, the way people look just past you, but never quite at you, but you know they see you. I mostly love it because I have family and friends I dearly adore that live there.

I love it but I'm always glad to come home to California. I truly have the best of both words.

If you, too, are taking some kind of imperfect trip (the best kind!), cheers to you and we'll catch up when I return.



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