Thursday, May 25, 2006

HOW is it Thursday? I can't understand. Wasn't it just Monday? Oh's happened. I've cracked right through the space-time continuum. Please don't tell me I went back in time. Forward I can handle. But I don't want to come within fifteen years of my teens!


But in other news...I'm glad for Taylor Hicks. Really. I wanted him to win all along in my deep down secret pouch (no, I can't tell you where that is). I really do think that Elliott Yamin deserved it more, and is a truly good soul, but I am proud of Taylor for being so unlike all idols. Never has Idol had such a fabulously spastic, tic-driven, gray-haired bundle of harmonica-playing soul-funk. He's not the best singer of all the Idols, but he has more personality than all of them combined and the fact that he won tells me that maybe America is full of sheep, but sheep who still long for something a little bit different.

And I applaud LOST for continuing to withhold answers and confound their plot into stickier, trickier, hatch-less, radioactive, rag-wearing island-fever insanity. I gave NINE YEARS to the X-Files. So i'm in for the long haul, people. Bring it on. Give me the worst you got. Go all Magus on me, I dare you! I waited out the alien conspiracy. I waited out that long sought-after Mulder/Scully heat and alien love-child. Don't think you can get unnerve me with a few unanswered questions and strange electromagnetic charges. I always knew that Mulder wasn't going to die...or stay dead. Try me, punks!




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