Sunday, March 05, 2006

Change is Strange

Change is good. Change is hard. How we deal with change depends entirely upon timing, I think. If you are forced into change faster than you had hoped, it causes stress. If change comes after you've given up on it, it can be a welcome thing.

We're moving soon. Not so far away as Montana, but not so near as to be able to retain the exact same parameters of our life now. I find this change exciting and full of promise. I want to retain my important connections with all those and all that I love where we live now, but I confess to a great brew of excitement at the possibilities that open up when you do something different or new.

But we're giving ourselves a few more days not to think too much about changes. We're making soup and having friends over to watch the Oscars. It's raining and quiet today. For this moment, everything is exactly how it should be.



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