Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sometimes, you're just out of material. All those clever little images and funky lines that rush into your brain, jotted down for later fleshing out, well, sometimes they are just gone--you can almost see the smoke trails where they fled your sorry brain. Like a comedian out of jokes, time to refuel. Sometimes I worry that my not having a job in an office with the irritating yet sometimes strangely enjoyable traffic of co-workers contributes to a lack of material. I don't go anywhere, I barely interact with anyone... sometimes i forget how to respond to the guy at the post office. But then I think of the first fifteen years of my life and realize I will NEVER run out of material.

So though I've done lots of writing today, this is my way of saying, "I got nothin'"...I'm watching Extra! for chrissakes...stuffing my face with this delicious caramel stuff that my cousin sent me from Uruguay. It was actually made in Uruguay, which I find deeply cool...because I have lots of things in my home made from a very few places in the world. There's probably more China, Taiwan and Mexico in my house than there is America...but now I have Uruguayan "dulce de leche."

Even this blog doesn't have a theme. I just figured I better cough up something...

why does my office smell like cat barf? It was the living room where he did the deed...




At 4:34 AM, Blogger Ellen said...

Check your shoe.


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