Tuesday, September 06, 2005

We always think, 'X can't happen to me or those I love. It won't.' Often we are flooded with relief when something terrible happens to someone else, not us. We're sorry for others' tragedies, but grateful that we dodged that particular bullet. I am not saying we should be anything but grateful. And I don't wish anything terrible on ANYone, not even those I think are awful, terrible people (are you listening G.W?) but, it's hugely important to remember that things can and do happen to people we know and love, including ourselves. All the more reason not to be living in a bubble of uncertainty. BE in your life. Really be in it. Don't put off joy. Don't suffer through something you can choose not to do. Be creative. Don't stop dreaming. Do take an extra day off to spend with your spouse or kid, or alone with yourself. Do keep playing guitar after hours even if you have no idea what "the use" is of it all. I don't know jack about God or about the Universe, but I do not believe for one flash that we were thrown into being to sit on our asses worrying about bills, staving off entropy and tucking our desires on a shelf for some day down the road when we have finally worked ourselves into the ground and can retire. No. Life is happening now.



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