Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Rocketgirls a-go-go

You've heard a bit about Rocketgirls here. In fact, in November, you read excerpts and interview with the three of them--Jody Gehrman, Terena Scott, and Kim Green. Rocketgirls is a fancy name for a group of women writers--four of us total at present--who've started a blog and website (with quite possibly the coolest launch sound ever) to share our collective wisdom, and invite other writers into the conversation.

Each month we collectively blog on a different topic. This month: "I wanna be a rockstar." Today
my post is UP at our "grog" or group blog.

Here's the opening graph:

"After many long years of lusting after fame as a writer, I’m finally taking a look at exactly why I would ever want such a thing. I’m not sure where I ever got the idea that writing a book could translate to the luxury and privilege that only high denizens of our culture ever seem to earn, but somehow as a little girl that idea came in like dust on a hot breeze and fastened itself inside my brain. It’s likely the fault of TV that those seeds were planted, because who gets famous in this culture? That’s easy, right? Movie/TV stars, athletes, and girls who flash their boobs at anonymous cameramen (or maybe the latter is infamy, a topic for another day). . .


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