Monday, December 04, 2006

Whine with your Cheese?

I would like to, just briefly, whine. As of yesterday morning, which happened to be the day after I carried a giant lollypop wearing an elf-hat through the cold streets of town as the entire citizenry lined the streets watching, I can now only turn my neck 1 inch to the left, and 2 inches to the right. Painful. And I have my period if you must know. You must, because it explains a lot. Like how I choke up crying at things I hear on the radio or see on 60 minutes; and how I actually got into a brawl with my cat. That's right--a brawl. It's hard to say who won, but I am the only one who came away scratched (and yes, I provoked it--and no, there as no kitty abuse for any of you SPCA folks reading.)

I also have an overly full work plate--the kind where you don't quite know what to "eat" first because it's so heavily loaded, and by the time you make your way through half of it you're beyond full. I'm sure that's why my neck went out. It does that at the most inconvenient times--throws in the towel for me if I don't do it myself. Stupid. I'm going to the chiropractor this morning however becuase I would like to be able to talk to customers at the bookstore by turning just my head, not my whole body.

This full plate business is why I didn't get my act together to blog about Daniel Woodrell's "Winter's Bone" as part of the Third Day Book Club. The other part is that I'm still second in the cue for it at the library and as I have just purchased a heap of books for Christmas, I decided that buying one more book might just be the straw that pushed me over the edge into "woman who keeps company with books found dead under pile of dictionaries." So I simply missed out this month, and it's sad, but that's how it goes.

Anyway, to make up for my grumpiness, I will leave you with a few photos of my new co-workers and the funny way they dress:

Oh, and I will leave you with a photo expression of the love I feel for my new Christmas tree:


At 7:37 AM, Blogger gerry rosser said...

I opted out of the book club this month, too, after reading the blurb for the book. Think we'll get excommunicated? Sorry you felt/feel crappy, that's going around, if that's any comfort.
This week I have found myself thinking about people less fortunate than I, and coming close to tears. I can think of nothing I can do, there are so many millions (billions?) of such people.
Last night my little step-granddaughter said she was cold (too much air-conditioning). The solution was to put her in warm pajamas, but internally I heard children everywhere saying they were cold in cases where the weather is cold and the parents/caregivers have not the means to provide warmth.
I'm turning into a sap. If I'm gonna be a sap, I'd like to be an effective one in some way, but I haven't found that way.

At 7:45 AM, Blogger Ms. Lori said...

May I join in your whine?

Gawd, I cry at EVERYTHING during this time of the month. Know what made me weep the other day? Wynonna Judd singing "Ave Maria." Just cried like the little Vicodin-loving dork that I am...

Oh, geez, sorry...Can't seem to write a damn thing lately without mentioning my new lord and savior...;-)

Try to take it easy, darling.

VICODIN is Lord!

Whoops. See what I mean?

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

My, my, Jordan. Your ears are so big!

I hope you feel better soon.


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