Friday, May 21, 2004

I'm trying to break my habit of posting only once a week or less. One day when I get smarter, I'll include interesting links and open up the world beyond just my own head. I'm so slow. I was the last to get a cell phone, and I still have the clunky old kind that doubles as a weapon of self-defense. Also late on the DVD front. Up until a year and a half ago, we still had a television with only twelve channels...on a dial. excuses? Well, the obvious. Too many things on this one tiny plate that feels tinier by the day, like the storage space in my brain is shrinking. I will be glad to have the story of the Petaluma River behind me, though I'm enjoying the process and feel very connected to my river now. But the amount of work going into this project for the ultimate amount of pay...whoo...this is for the credit and the experience, i assure you. And my former Holly Golightly pace, that whirlwind energy seems to be ever dwindling. One river story and I'm a basket case. Okay, yes, I have to WORK too, sheesh.

Marshall Chapman is here with me, and she's got an amazing amount of energy even though she claims to fade in and out of it. She stayed at the very chic Metro Hotel around the corner from me, which I will now recommend to's whimsical and sort of pseudo-european and I love it. I'd like an apartment like that with lots of light and wooden floors...Anyway. The only problem with a guest is that I find I have no internal head space. My psyche is diverted and I can't focus on my own writing. It's only for a day, but I am seeing how miserly I've grown with my free time, and how much recharge I actually need. It makes me very wary about having a child, I must say. Can I possibly GIVE that much time? But you know, why am I thinking about that now?

Anyway...I feel overwhelmed on a lot of fronts and I'm just hoping that I can get the majority of the work out of the way for this story so that I can also finish stuff up at my real job without feeling too resentful in either direction. I've got to unload my plate here in order to open up space for more creative flow.



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