Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Too Tired

I have been too tired to post. I'm with my own thoughts daily so to write them here for those of you who might actually be reading them is exhausting lately. Sorry, it's nothing you've done.

I've got this lovely but complicated story I'm writing for the Petaluma Magazine that is taking all of my extra resources, what little there were between Bennington work and work work. I must say that daily I grow more fond of the idea of working from home at only a variety of kinds of writing. I adore the Sonoma Ecology Center and I am grateful for the job, but in that bubble inside which all my fantasies reside, I work for no one but myself.

I'm sorry I've been so fatigued. I will try to keep you posted. So far I've been down on the river on kayak which was a blast (the story is on the Petaluma River). I've talked to the City Planner about the Downtown Enhancement plan that's going on and I've got other interviews lined up with a variety of river-savvy folks. I am enjoying this and could get very easily used to it...if I didn't have a real job at the same time.

Stay with me, I'll be back when I'm rested.

Oh, and Marshall Chapman is coming through town this week. Staying here on Thursday and then she'll be on Word by Word (my show) Friday. We'll probably tool around towards Pt. Reyes until I bring her back to Copperfield's for her reading...oh it's a busy week. Again. And I'm off to Vermont in three weeks.

Wowsers. I feel so important.


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