Friday, May 01, 2009


I did not get my brother or sister a birthday present. I have not yet made any plans for a mother day gift for my mother. I have stuck my kid in his roundabout walker so as not to have to try to entertain him more times than I can count these past couple months as we have grappled with the bizarre and frustrating process of trying to buy a home.

We walked away from one home, and I'm relieved and glad about it. The mojo was just bad. Bad no matter which angle you looked at it from. But we had to let go of our attachment first.

Now we've entered the new reality of home loans--one in which, thanks to all the scummy mortgage practices of the past few years--they're dotting more than their i's and crossing more than just their ts...we are literally at the last few feet of the race and suddenly some guy with a stop sign and a badge has sprinted out onto the track and he won't let us finish until he decides a certain thing.

I know I'm lucky to even be in this position. I don't want to become an entitled person. But I am so frustrated with the process.



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