Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tower of Babble

My 6 month-old has begun to "speak" in what sounds like some Native American language to me. I don't say that to demean Native Americans in any way--my son's language is very complex and interesting. In it, I swear I can hear the origins of all languages. There are other moments where I hear the makings of French or German, and even sometimes, I'm sure it's a Scandinavian tongue like Icelandic or Swedish. There's a phrase he repeats that sounds downright Hindu to me. The potential in a human infant to speak any language is massive and I only wish I knew fifteen languages so I could give them all to him.

I believe that people who speak multiple languages fluently from early childhood actually get a wider picture of the world, more metaphors and ways to see and think of everything. As a writer, I'm envious of that.


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