Sunday, January 20, 2008

Energize Your Creative Life with Write Free, the book.

More than two years ago, Rebecca Lawton and I, newly acquainted writers who'd been slouching toward success in fits and starts (check out Rebecca's amazing book of essays, Reading Water), found our writing lives changing in dramatic ways after we began getting together and working on drawing more of what we wanted to us (unknowingly, at first).

The work we were doing together led us to hold a retreat we called "Creating Space" for writers, an inspiring and life-changing weekend in gorgeous, bucolic Philo, CA, which led to the book we co-wrote, Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life.

Publishing is a notoriously slow process, however, and this book was no exception. Yet somehow time has managed to compress and disappear, and the book is finally published--and it's beautiful! Our publisher, Arthur Dawson of Kulupi Publishing, which is devoted to "A sense of place" created a new imprint under which our book is the first: BeijaFlor Books--for "creative journeys." "Kulupi "and "BeijaFlor" are Native American, and Brazilian words for "hummingbird" respectively.

Our launch party, held in Becca's neck of the woods--Sonoma--on the 17th was a truly wonderful event. The response was shockingly good to the book, and people were full of excitement and kindness.

The books will be shipping out to the distributor, and thus to bookstores, in the coming weeks via our publisher, but meanwhile you can purchase copies through us, and through Kulupi Publishing directly.

Meanwhile, if you're not yet a subscriber to the FREE E-newsletter, Write Free, based on the ideas behind our book, please consider subscribing today!


At 12:53 PM, Blogger Linda said...

Congratulations, and thanks for commenting on my blog. Glad you weren't offended that I applied your observation about plots to Lost plot.


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