Sunday, October 21, 2007

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Some of you may know about the Write Free E-letter that Rebecca Lawton and I edit and put out 10 months a year. If you don't, it's based on the concepts of our book by the same title, Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life, which can be pre-ordered now by visiting the Write Free website. Simply put, we offer insights, activities, interviews and resources to help you attract and create the perfect creative life for you.

To make sure that as many people have access to this information as possible, we've now made the E-Letter FREE as well. To Subscribe, follow THIS LINK. And if you should need to, unsubscribing is as simple as the click of a button.

In the E-letter we have a feature that we'd like to see more submissions for called Your Turn. Read the details below, and then, please, submit!

After the carefree joy of summer, autumnal responsibilities have pushed our Your Turn judging out another month. In November, as promised, Arthur Dawson of Kulupi Publishing/Beija Flor Books (publisher of the upcoming Write Free, the book) will be our guest judge. Arthur will select an essay to be featured in the next newsletter. This month, we pulled one out of the stores that we enjoyed the first time we read it on the theme of Rebirth.

For November, we're asking for your 300-word contributions written on the theme of Calibration-the way in which you take stock of your life, assess your creativity, and measure your happiness. Fall is a time of reflection, a time of asking what you want for yourself, and digging within to harvest your precious resources. If you've already created a short essay on this theme, dust it off and send it in. Or, if you'd like to exercise your writing muscles by coming up with something new, write a piece of 300 words or less and email your submission to us at guides(at)writefree(dot)us by November 1st.

If you'd like writing prompts to get you started, you can use either of these:
The way I assess my happiness is . . .
Creativity requires calibration because . . .

Or answer these questions:
How do I chart my progress as a writer?
If I didn't take stock of where I am, how would I know where to go?

The winning entry will be published in the November 15th issue of the newsletter. You have until November 1st to email your piece to Hope to read you soon!

Judge bio: Arthur Dawson lives with his family near Jack London's Beauty Ranch in the Valley of the Moon. He works in several realms: as historical ecologist at the Sonoma Ecology Center, as poet/teacher with California Poets in the Schools, and as the publisher of Kulupi Press, dedicated to "Publications with a sense of place." His award-winning poetry and prose have appeared in local, regional, and national publications, including Travelers Tales and the Chicken Soup series. Saying this Place Right, a chapbook of his poems, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2005. Arthur is also the author of a Sonoma County bestseller, The Stories Behind Sonoma Valley Place Names, and several other books.


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