Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You know what? I'm done with talking serious today.
Religion? DONE!
Global warming? OVER IT!
Possible nuclear war with Iran? FUGGEDABOUTIT!

I don't care if you're related to me or are a mere blog-surfer stopping by, an agent or the Ambassador of Estonia... I don't want to hear about problems or tragedy or childhood scars or the shape of your spiritual nature or your love or lack thereof of Christ, or your tarred and scarred soul.

I want to talk about who's going to rock the house on American Idol tonight and who should get sent home on their talentless little ass (cough *Ace* cough). I want to talk about whether Katie is going to do the whole "Silent Birth" thing and how she became a pod person and if Angelina is going to have her Pitt-babe in Naimibia. I want to freaking talk about Jessica Simpson's love life! Do you understand me? I want gossip, I want People Magazine and Access Hollywood and Paris Hilton's new CD.

Do not do Earth Day. Don't GO there with me. No peace marching either.

Right now I want hard core bubblegum celebrity trash and I do not plan to let anything, not even the end of the world, come between me and my desire.

Just so you know


At 3:01 PM, Blogger Myfanwy Collins said...

LOVE you!

At 8:54 PM, Blogger down_not_out said...

I agree with collins: Love you.

Now... down to business...

1) A friend has forced me into the Idol addiction, though I miss parts ever week. Here are my thoughts-- Chris, hot... want to make out with him. Kellie, future porn star. (I bet Heffner has a contract ready to be overnighted as soon as she's booted. I should say, she lives 20 minutes from me. I fully believe she's acting and am sick of her "dumb, Southern blonde" facade.) Taylor, weird-- but cute. Ace will have his own Nickelodeon show. Paris, I believe in that girly wirly. Catherine (is that right?) she's a pretty girl with nice pipes. Who'm I missin'? Oh... whatshisface. Yeah. He's a sweet one. I don't think he'll make it.

2) Poor Katie. I hope she screamed her ass off.

3) Damn. I am still pissed that Angelina chose Brad and not me-- and I'm not even lesbian. Have you heard about the tigers guarding them? How "Lora Croft" is THAT?!

4) Jessica Simpson. Oi! She's got a load on her shoulders, eh? Who's she dating these days? I'm out of that loop. Do tell.

5) Paris Hilton scares me. *shiver*

6) My favorite bubble gums of all time (in no particular order) are: Cotton Candy, Water Mellon, and Double Bubble-- for the 'toons.


I can't believe I'm still awake... sweet dreams... I mean it this time.


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