Sunday, November 06, 2005

Growing Up!

Chez Write Livelihood, I generally meander through the interior world of the writing life. I do not have neat little sub-heads and categories as some of the more well-known blogerati do. A visit here is very much like taking a tour of the inside of my brain or heart as it pertains to writing, and occasionlly, other facets of my life that slip in.

But this will change in one tiny way. Wednesdays you can expect a post of some sort of intrepid knowledge, insight, wisdom and support from a real grown-up writer!

This coming Wednesday, November 9th: Sheila Bender

Sheila Bender is a poet, essayist, book author and master teacher. After years of writing for Writers Digest Books and Magazine and publishing her poetry in North American literary journals, she is publishing her instructional articles for those who write from personal experience at Writing it Real .

Should you happen to be a real writer who would care to share information with Write Livelihood readers, please contact me:

Write on!


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