Monday, April 02, 2007

What do you mean I can't write a book in a week?

That was the insane sort of thinking in my brain today. Make a Scene is now undergoing some edits (yes, "some edits" is an understatement but I'm now feeling in control again)...and I spent such a long stretch of time at my desk that when I got up I swear my actual bones were numb.

I want so badly to have super powers. At the very least, to be like John Travolta's character in the movie Phenomenon--where he can learn languages in a couple hours, and make things levitate. I'd float above my seat and write this book in a day. I would!

On the bright side, after being such a know-it-all with my own clients and in my articles about revision, now that I've absorbed the feedback fully I really do prefer the new direction. It's right. It resonates with me. It's going to be GOOD. I mean it. I owe so much to my editor. It's her book as much as mine, really.

Which leads me to the topic of feedback. It's very very good. We need it (from informed, reliable sources). We become better writers when we learn to hear it. Obviously not all feedback is right, but when it is, you know it, and you appreciate it.

Meanwhile, I've decorated my new table of contents in order to view it as a thing of joy and fun. Observe:


At 6:54 AM, Blogger Patrushka said...

Great idea that of decorating it! I wish I could decorate the warehouse I have to put in order today...!

And it's also great that you have come to appreciate your editor's suggestions so much.

Congrats! I feel you're in the right path.. and not only with the book.

I love you,


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