Friday, April 13, 2007

A Quick Update

Wow, I'm really slacking on posts lately eh? I expect to be forgiven. I've been busy.

RIP Kurt Vonnegut. I haven't had my chance to say that yet. Damn shame. In honor, I'm going to re-read at least two of his novels.

Last night I watched this cutesy little recap of "greatest moments" of Grey's Anatomy, (though they're only in their third season, what's to recap?) For the first few minutes E. watched too, and I noticed that anytime someone else is in the room with me when I'm watching Grey's Anatomy, I get embarrassed--like when my Mom used to want to see how big my boobs had gotten when I was a teenager. I think it's becasue the show is really just a soap opera. It's more about who's doing whom than who's doing surgery on whom. But it's my heroin along with a few other low-brow shows (and a couple slightly raised brow shows--started watching HBO's Rome, and I'm digging it) that serve as the antidote to all my reading.

I've also been asked to participate as a blogger at, and my second post there should go up soon.

Hmmm...what else. I've been so immersed in (re)writing and reading that I find myself blinking in shock when I step outside of the house into the sun and feel actual wind on my face.

Oh, a reminder: I emailed folks that my review of Michelle Richmond's novel The Year of Fog would air two weeks ago on the CA Report, but I'm told it will actually air today! 4:30 and 6:30pm. Best way to hear it is to go to and "listen live" at the appointed time (remember, this is Pacific time) or else wait until tomorrow, when it's archived at the site.

Speaking of Michelle, she's slated to be the first guest of The Write Source, my new podcast for Writer's Digest online. She's an intelligent, fascinating writer who is as great in person as she is on the page.

Other forthcoming interviews of mine to check out:

In the August issue of Writer's Digest Magazine interviews with Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) and Vendela Vida about their writing spaces.

For the October issue of WD, my interview with Chuck Palahniuk.

That's all folks.


At 4:58 AM, Blogger SusanD said...

I used to be so embarrassed about watching "Grey's". Then I realized that ALL the women I work with watch it, so now we have unabashed recap/talks about it on Fridays.

I'm so jealous you got to interview Chuck P! Can't wait to check it out. Congrats.


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