Monday, February 06, 2006

My dear readers. If you were my significant other, you'd have left me by now. I’ve just not been in a blogging way. This is because what they say about blogging is true for me: you can blog or you can write creatively, but you can’t do both, not in any serious way. I fear that when my writing friends are giving good blog on a daily basis, they aren’t getting any work done.

Though I suppose there are exceptions to the rule—but please do not tell me who you are so that I don’t feel the urge to resent you for your amazing capacity of creative thought.

I suppose a few years ago people thought that of me. “How do you DO all those things that you do?” they’d ask, and I’d demur and say stupid things like, “I don’t know, but surely I won’t be able to do it for long,” and then I’d start to wonder: What is it they think I do? And who are they getting this information from?

Then there were the folks that would see me somewhere—say shopping or getting my tire changed—and I’d be in the mood to chat at last, emerging from my cave of solitude—and they’d brush me off saying, “I’ll let you go, I know you’re busy busy busy!”

I wish I’d found out what I was so busy doing. I could have been taking this test!

My head is rising from the text-hole where I’ve been clutched that past two weeks. (Eew, that was a gross image). I finished four articles, two complete manuscript edits, a book proposal and read two complete novels. Oh…yes, that was a plea for validation. Please, slather it on. I must confess to a little bit of glee that people actually heard my book review on the California Report (KQED) this time. All over the state! I will further confess that seeing as my graduating high school class is finally getting it together to have a belated ten year reunion (it will be thirteen years, I think, by the summer when it is finally being slated), I wonder if any of my former classmates heard it and realized it was me (I used to go by "Jordie")?

How have I been spending my down-time, you ask? Well, as un-hip as I am, I like to rent shows that were popular awhile ago since I have this beautiful marriage to Netflix. So now that I finally finished season nine of the X-files—after watching the entire series straight through from start to finish (took me two years), I’ve begun watching Six Feet Under. And E. is watching them with me. They are SO GOOD!! Oh, I love Netflix. I love HBO! I don’t have any subscriber channels, so this is a real treat. It's only midway through season one, but the characters are really developing and the storylines are surprising and I love them all in all their trials and brokenness. They’re wonderful!

Yeah. So that’s how I’ve been spending my free time. That, doing some Pilates, writing some fiction long-hand that I’m trying to tell myself is NOT a novel (because we all know how well I’ve done this year at actually finishing things), trolling my favorite website, and just sort of trying to get through each day without a brain hemmhorage (how the F* do you spell that word?).

But life is good.

(First I spelled that gooed. I like that word better. I officially coin it! If it's good, but also challenging, it's "gooed." As in goo).


At 5:50 AM, Blogger Marcus Grimm said...

And here I thought you'd moved to Montana and didn't have high-speed internet.... ;)

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Well here's the confounding part: the freaking middle of nowhere has high speed internet service, but not one decent bookstore. You see why I couldn't move there...



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