Monday, November 21, 2005

I really do write for a living, and proof is below, but first, let me tell you about another writing friend:

Buy the current issue of the gorgeous magazine Orion and read my dear friend Rebecca Lawton's essay "The Company of Rocks," in the Coda column at back of the magazine.

Back to me:
Buy the December issue of Marin Extraordinary Living and read my article on the industrious Marin Open Space District (this will be archived online in the not too distant future).

Also, check out the December 7th issue of The North Bay Bohemian for an article on alternatives to the high cost of buying a home in Sonoma County.

And, the December Issue of Common Ground Magazine for my article on Paul Palmer, Zero Waste activist.

And I'll be posting details on a book review I'm working on for The California Report, a feature on NPR-affiliate station KQED soon. It might air this week, it might air next week.

Coming Soon: "Transforming Fact into Fiction," February issue of The Writer Magazine.


At 6:39 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

You are one busy woman, Jordan! Congrats on all of that. And I subscribe to Orion, so I look forward to reading Rebecca's Coda.


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