Sunday, October 09, 2005

Today, Write Livelihood's very own Cheers and Jeers:

Cheers to thse books I've recently read: How to be Lost, Amanda Eyre Ward; Hope & Other Dangerous Pursuits; Laila Lalami; Willful Creatures; Aimee Bender. Cheers to the movie Junebug...A GREAT flick. Cheers to previews for Jarhead and Brokeback Mountain. Can't wait!!

Jeers to the movie A History of Violence. I know I will piss some of you off. It worked too hard. The actors over or under-acted. Its use of symbolism was too...or not enough...oh I don't even know which way. No, even angular-jawed Viggo couldn't save this one. Jeers also to the strange melange of commercials within commercials the Regal theater forced upon us.

It's brief, but it counts. Now, off to Depak.


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