Thursday, June 30, 2005

What I am preparing to read:

I have read wonderful things for graduate school; rarely did I read something I felt I had to read. But still, now that I'm done, I have the option to read whatever the hell I want, and of course, I'm blocked and stumped by all my waiting books, books that have sat on my shelves for two years as dirty little secrets that I was hoping to squeeze in between work... So, here are my choices. Any votes?

The Fortress of Solitude: Jonathan Lethem
Dante's Inferno
A Perfect Stranger: Roxana Robinson
Had a Good Time: Robert Olen Butler
Parasites Like Us: Adam Johnson
Angle of Repose: Wallace Stegner

Now Playing: I'm sort of embarrassed, but I bought the most recent issue of The Believer for two reasons: 1-the cool cd that comes with it, which is now on my ipod and has some of the coolest music I've heard in a long time, with bands like Espers, Jim Guthrie, Two Gallants and others that are in that genre that the movie Garden State seemed to kick into popularity (the Shins, Frou Frou). 2-an interview with Aimee Mann, one of my all time favorite musicians, who I got to see in concert at the intimate Mystic theater here in town for my 30th birthday last summer. And because if I'm going to be snide about a publication, I better at least buy a copy to be sure I know what I'm being snide about.

Re-entry is still in effect. I'm happy to be home, but still feel a bit like I'm suspended in some kind of gelatinous matrix that has yet to melt.


At 6:33 AM, Blogger Myfanwy Collins said...

A Perfect Stranger is great. I read it recently.

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

I know, I saw that on your blog...Maybe i'll start there. tx Myf.

At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should read Dante's Inferno. I read parts of it for English class and it has been great! I so wish I could have read it in full...When you do read it, tell me how it is, ok?


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