Sunday, April 04, 2004

It's official, Word by Word, the literary radio program I host and co-produce is one year old. It's hard to believe. Our inimitable program director Robin Pressman and her husband Peter Cooper opened their house to our party...oh, and what a house! It's the perfect house for a writer, or an artist, with lots of wonderful rooms and views of the hills and a big kitchen. BUT...the point is it was a blast, a real event with food and great conversation and fun. I thought to myself all night, I am so LUCKY and GRATEFUL to know these people, to be a part of the same circle with them. It was a truly wonderful night.

Tomorrow there is a good chance I will hear from the agent about the book. A friend of mine just offered to refer my work to another agent should I need it. I'm not feeling ready to jump and run yet, of course, even if he has bad feelings about novel #2. I'm feeling ready to do any changes, to really get this book up to the speed he believes is possible. I believe in it. And I'm also glad to have the work of it out of my life for the most part. There's another book that wants to come through and I want to let it.


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